Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Proud wife

Darrel and I are members at Montevallo First Baptist Church. It is a small church in terms of size but has a very large heart. Everyone welcomed us with open arms from the very first time we visited. Since joining we have looked for opportunities to serve and one opportunity we pursued was joining the choir. The unique thing about our church choir is that being so closely connected with University of Montevallo we have talented musicians who come and play on Sundays. This last Sunday was one of those times. I was especially excited because my talented husband played his trombone with the instrumental ensemble. This was the first time I have heard him play and was so excited to see a talent of my husbands that I had never seen. After the service I had so many people tell how glad they were to see Darrel playing and what a blessing it was to hear the music. That was such a proud moment for me as a wife. To have a husband that is not only extremely talented but to have a man who wants to use his talents to worship and serve God. Moments like Sunday create wonderful memories that I can hold onto not only while Darrel is gone but for the rest of my life.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The beginning

Well here I go joining the world of blogging (cheering and applause heard in background).  I guess as the title of this post implies I will start at the beginning.  I have been married almost a year now and marriage truly is an adventure.  I tend to be a very independent (my husband would say stubborn) person so learning to live with someone has been very challenging to me.  I was very much use to doing things my way and in my time so I have had to learn that my way and my time doesn't always coincide with hubby's way or his time, but we are learning everyday how to divide and conquor the world of marriage.  We have 3 fur babies, 2 cats and a dog who provide daily entertainment and comedic relief.  Between the two of us we have 3 nephews and 2 nieces and then of course all my friend's kids who I claim as my babies too.  As I said in my "about me" I am doing this for my husband while he is away due to military obligations.  He leaves the end of September for military MP school (BOLC) will return home in Febuary, stay home for a few months before he is deployed to Qatar in July.  I want to have a fun way for him to be able to keep up with all the stuff happening here at home.  Below are some pictures of us and our family and as you can tell "The TALL and short of it" accurately describes my husband and I ;). 

Kaitlin and John

Me and Elliott

Newest nephew and niece, Aiden and Addison


Raegan and CJ